Why use a face serum?

Your skin condition can change frequently; one day it’s feeling sensitised or tight, the next you’ve woken up with a breakout developing on your chin! Due to your skin responding to your external environment and internal health, it’s common to experience a variety of skin conditions from one month to the next and targeted formulas such as serums, arm you with potent actives to slot into your regimen to quickly remedy the situation.

Dermalogica’s Targeted Treatments are designed to be used for specific areas, such as the eyes or neck or to address a specific skin concern. These highly active products are specialized formulas, with a unique job to perform. These are Dermalogica’s problem solvers and they’re an indispensable part of every skin care regimen.

Select you Targeted Treatment product based on your main skin concern. For breakouts, opt for a Salicylic Acid based formula to clear pores and reduce inflammation. For ageing concerns look for Peptides and Vitamin C to boost brightness and firm the skin and for deeper wrinkles, Retinol is the top ingredient to include in your regimen. To address dryness and dehydration, a Hyaluronic Acid based serum will plump and hydrate skin. And for uneven skin tone, opt for a serum with Niacinamide and Hexyl Resorcinol to fade dark spots fast. If you have several skin conditions to address at the same time, try a Smart Serum that adapts to your changing skins needs.

Serums can be used either AM or PM and on specific areas of the face to personalise your regimen and target your key skin concerns for best results.


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