Tanning drops you can blend in with your moisturiser!

Wish you could minimise the length of your skincare routine? We hear you! And that’s why we’ve formulated a brilliant face tanning product that you can blend into your moisturiser and apply in one simple step instead of oodles of time-consuming stages!

Sleep tanning drops are the ultimate beauty secret for time-strapped women (or men!) who want to achieve a golden glow with as little effort as possible.

Simply mix a drop or two into your usual night time moisturiser, oil or serum to create a custom blend tanner that works in harmony with your skin, apply as normal and catch some zzzs. Your sunkissed tan will develop overnight as your moisturiser nourishes your skin and you’ll awake with a brighter complexion that looks even and radiant with health.

This time-efficient product is perfect for reviving a tan that’s started to fade prematurely or for lending the skin an extra touch of colour to conceal uneven pigmentation, spots and scarring. It’s a fabulous alternative to using a daily foundation because the results last far longer than applying daily cosmetics and you can create a bespoke glow by reapplying as often as you like.