We are super excited to introduce you all to our BRAND NEW treatment here at touch. We have had amazing training by BT therapeutics with their top of the range BT TITAN MN Microneedling pen.

So, what is Microneedling?

This non-invasive facial has been clinically proven to get results! The micro needles create tiny punctures to the epidermis without damaging the skin, this stimulates the body’s natural healing process thereby helping to produce collagen and elastin. This also allows up to 80% more product absorption of the hyaluronic acid serum which is applied during the treatment


This Facial is amazing for acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, improving the skins tone and texture, firmness, and elasticity. We can do this treatment if you have breakout, however, we will just avoid that area. We do a thorough consultation prior to your treatment which would need to be at least two weeks before the session is carried out. This is to check that you are suitable for the treatment and no contraindications come up on the day. You will need a good skin care regime and have had good levels of exfoliation before, either in the treatment room or at home.


Everyone’s skin is so different so after your consultation with one of our therapists we will be able to provide you with a treatment plan to suit your needs. You may only need one Microneedling treatment a year or you may need acourse of 3-6 treatments then maintenance every 6-12 months, it depends on what your main goal is with your skin. Scarring and pigmentation may take a bit longer, so these concerns may need more treatments.


One of the main questions we get asked when talking about Microneedling is; How will my skin look after and will it bleed and be red? The answer is NO you will certainly not leave will blood dripping down your face! However you may get tiny blood spotting during your treatment but these disappear by the end of the treatment. Redness will appear on the skin and may look slightly sunburnt or wind burnt after your Microneedling but this tends to go down very quickly after. The next day your skin may look a little bit red, we recommend to not apply any make up 24 hours after treatment has taken place. It is pretty pain free and only feels a little uncomfortable around the eyes and forehead, we like to describe it as like having an electric toothbrush on your face. Many people actually find their skin is glowing afterwards!


We also have the Nano Tip Glow which is for clients who are more sensitive or are nervous about needles. It is very similar to microdermabrasion, but the effects of the Nano Tip Glow are much more instant and the pre party glow is just unreal! This treatment is ideal for an event or wedding if you have left it too late to have the Microneedling. Both treatments are £150 each, including a free consultation.


I had the Microneedling facial done a week ago, I was mega anxious as I was worried it would hurt and I would be a total wimp and not have it done! I wanted to feel it on my skin so I could explain it to my clients and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the facial was. The only part that was slightly uncomfortable was my forehead and eyes which is the first part of the face we work on so once that bit was over I could barely feel it, I even amped up the intensity by going up to 1mm on my cheeks and neck.  After all the worry I would have it done again in a heartbeat and my skin feels super soft and smooth. I am really enjoying the after effects of the treatment and have now gone back to my daily skincare routine. I feel like my open pores on my nose have almost disappeared, which is so lovely to see that so quickly after just one treatment. For my skin type I will probably only need 1-2 treatments a year! Cant wait for my next one. – Lauren