Jessica Base Coats

Everyone’s nails are different and need specific treatments to keep them in good condition. By using the correct base coat on your nails, they can recover and be the best they possibly can! Check out the following information on the different nail care products so you can guarantee you’re using the correct one ;


Reward basecoat is perfect for nails that are already in good condition. It’s great for maintaining the strength, flexibility and health your nails already have!  Using a good basecoat will also help you get the most out of your manicure by making it last longer!

Critical Care basecoat is for soft weak nails. It has intense strengtheners to bring your nails back to life by bonding the nail layers together to build a strong foundation. Containing Keratin, Soy and Wheat critical care will boost nail growth.

Fusion basecoat is perfect for peeling nails that flake at the free edge of the nail. It fuses the delicate layers back together whilst strengthening and conditioning the nail with vitamin A.

Restoration is best for damaged/post acrylic nails. Damaged nails can be thin, dull, and sensitive making them peel. Restoration gently strengthens the nails with echinacea an complex strengtheners.

Rejuvenation is suitable for dry nails with ridges. It helps revive dull looking nails and reduce white spots on the nail plates. It contains multiple moisturisers, strengtheners and conditioners with ingredients like vitamin E, Jojoba and Aloe vera.

Recovery basecoat is made for brittle nails. If your nails are hard, break easily and chipping off this is the best basecoat for you. It has a hydrating formula that allows the nail to retain moisture and improve flexibility. It contains keratin, soy wheat and calcium.

Jessica’s Phenomen oil is a healing and nourishing cuticle oil. It helps nourish dry cuticles keeping them supple. It’s best applied every night before bed, so it has time to soak in and hydrate the nails. It contains vitamin E, jojoba, sweet almond oil, and rice oil. It can also be used on areas like knees and elbows that may need extra moisturising boosts. A must have for all nail types!

Brilliance is a super glossy topcoat that adds gorgeous shine to you manicure. Using this on top of your polish will help it last longer and prevent the colour from becoming dull.


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