Brow Lamination, what is it?

Brow lamination -the latest trend in brows!

Fluffy, brushed-out brows are in this year. Long gone are the ultra-polished ‘block’ brows that we saw across social media throughout 2018/19.

Brow Lamination helps to create that fashionable, feathery look seen we’ve seen brace the catwalks and editorial shoots. When performed by a professional technician, the overall look should give the illusion of fuller, defined brows, without harsh lines or a heavy blocked in appearance; the overall look should look natural.

What is Brow Lamination?

Think of Brow Lamination as the ‘lash lift equivalent’ for your eyebrows. The treatment restructures the eyebrows to keep them in a desired shape and is a fantastic pain-free alternative to micro-blading. The treatment is great for clients with irregular hair growth, gaps within their brows, or for those who want to achieve a fashionable ‘groomed’ look.

How does the treatment work?

The brow hairs are brushed, straightened and lifted using a chemical solution. This makes the hair flexible and malleable to move them into your clients desired shape. This process helps to cover any gaps your clients may have within their brows, as well as re-positioning any stray hairs.

A fixing solution is applied to the brows, to help them keep their shape for around 6 weeks.