All about retinol!

Retinol – it’s the gold standard for visibly reversing signs of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and enlarged pores.

Retinol, the Dermalogica way is all about the right combination and types of retinoids. That’s why we formulated a serum with multiple types of retinoids.

You’ve likely heard that Retinol can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that this recognisable ingredient can function at multiple speeds to work beyond wrinkles? Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum, a high-dose wrinkle serum, is a 3.5% retinoid complex with booster technology that features multiple retinoids working at different speeds to help transform the look of skin. This fast-acting multi-retinoid helps reverse the appearance of wrinkles, retexturize skin and minimise the appearance of pores, and even skin tone.

We know Retinol can be intimidating, and that sometimes it can cause unwanted side effects. Some Retinol serums fail to provide visible results, others are too harsh and cause sensitivity or dry, flaky skin. At Dermalogica, we don’t take shortcuts — so we formulated a Retinol serum to reverse the appearance of wrinkles without compromising your skin’s health.

How to use retinol?

To tolerate retinoids and avoid the common irritation and dryness associated with their use, skin needs to build up what are called ‘retinoid receptors’ first. These receptors are proteins that are naturally found in skin, and they help retinoids do their work. Skin can build retinoid receptors through controlled exposure, which is why it’s recommended to start slowly with retinoid products and build up to higher concentrations.

  • Introduce retinoids gradually: slowly building up your skin’s tolerance helps avoid and reduce irritation. Start by using twice a week for 2 weeks, then every other day for another 2 weeks then ultimately every day.
  • Apply Retinol at night as they degrade in UV light.
  • During the day, always use sunscreen to help protect your skin against UV exposure.
  • Avoid or limit other exfoliants/acids to reduce the risk of over processing your skin.
  • Increase hydration: It’s common for skin to become drier with retinoid use due to the acceleration in cell renewal. Include a nourishing cleanser and hydrating serum in your daily regimen. Some people benefit from including a slightly heavier moisture too.
  • Avoid Retinol if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Safety is our priority, and we recommend pregnant and/or breastfeeding clients to consult their physician first before using any products that contain Retinol.


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