How to prevent ingrown hairs on your underarms!

Ingrown hairs on your underarms can feel more itchy and uncomfortable than those that appear on the legs and arms, simply because your armpits are an extra sensitive area of your body.

An annoying ingrown appears when a hair doubles back on itself and grows under the skin instead of sprouting up and out of the skin as normal. The good news is that you can prevent ingrown hairs from occurring with a couple of quick additions to your body-care routine.

But before we get into that, don’t let ingrown hairs stop you from waxing regularly! Waxing actually results in fewer ingrown hairs than other forms of hair removal, such as shaving and depilating, because each hair grows anew with a fine, tapered tip that’s less likely to pierce itself back into the skin like a razored hair that’s blunt and sharp at the edges. Continue with your treatments and your hair will grow back finer, sparser and slower over the long term.

The two things you can do today to prevent ingrown hairs appearing on your underarms is to (1) body brush and (2) exfoliate with a body scrub.

Both of these activities unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells, helping to gently release existing ingrown hairs and encourage new hairs to grow up and out unhindered.

Dry body brushing once a week also stimulates the lymphatic system and increases blood flow to the skin, instantly making it feel fresher and brighter. What’s more, it’s a fab alternative to using a body scrub if you’re looking for a natural remedy to reducing ingrown hairs.

Having said that, natural body scrubs free from chemicals and unfamiliar ingredients are easy to make at your kitchen table these days. A simple mixture of coarse brown sugar and honey makes a brilliant exfoliant that you can use on your underarms and the rest of your body while you take your morning shower.