All about Dermaplaning…

What is Dermaplaning?

In simple terms it’s the process where a sterile surgical blade is used to scrape all the dead skin and fine hairs of your face! Sounds scary right? Well it’s not at all and nothing like it sounds.


Dermaplaning is an amazing physical exfoliation that leaves your skin glowing, smooth and hair free! While slowly removing all the dead skin cells of your face and the vellus ‘peach fuzz’, this treatment is perfect for getting that blank canvas to give you flawless looking make up.


What can you expect from our Dermaplaning treatment?

We do an express and deluxe Dermaplaning treatment so depending on which you choose will depend on what you get! But what we can guarantee is that you will love the results!

Our therapist will firstly double cleanse your skin using our Dermalogica products. She will then begin the dermaplaning process but working in each sections of your face starting on the forehead. You will feel a very light scraping and here a very gentle noise of this but nothing will feel uncomfortable. It is surprisingly a very relaxing facial. A deep hydrating mask will then be applied followed by a blissful neck, shoulder and scalp massage. The therapist will then use some blue and green light therapy to target any redness and irritation post treatment. To finish of the treatment cryotherapy will be used in the skin to really cool down and penetrate a Dermalogica moisturiser deeper in to the skin.


What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

  • Your skin will be super super smooothhh!
  • It will have a real glow!
  •  Skin care products will be able to penetrate and absorb much easie,r due to the removal of the dead skin and peach fuzz! No more waste of good products.
  • Your make up will go on so much better and look flawless.
  • It also minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


But won’t my hair come back thicker?

No not at all. The hair will not come back thicker or darker. Shaving does not change the hair in anyway, only hormones do this! It will just grow back exactly the same as before.


However if you do have terminal hair, the ones that appear a little darker, probably the ones found on your upper lip or chin, these may feel a little stubbly when they come back through. Therefore we would recommend that you get these waxed or threaded at least a week before. If you do tend to him more terminal hair over your face this treatment probably isn’t for you as you won’t like the feeling when the hair grows back. Unfortunately dermaplaning is not a hair removal treatment it just has the added bonus of removing the ‘Peach fuzz’ off your skin.


How often should I have this done?

We would recommend to have this treatment done every 4-6 weeks.


We can’t wait to see you at touch for your treatment! Your skin will thank you for it!

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