What is Reflexology?
is sometimes referred to as a massage, but it is not a massage in the typical sense of the word. Massage involves applying pressure over large sections of the body to target the muscular and circulatory systems. Reflexology, on the other hand, focuses on pointed and specific areas of the feet using more of a pressure point technique.

Who can have Reflexology?
The Answer is, EVERYONE! This Holistic treatment is perfect for all ages. Especially those who suffer with chronic long term conditions as sometimes having a full body massage is too painful, where as reflexology works on the reflex points through your feet with a delicate to medium pressure.

What does having Reflexology achieve?
Having Reflexology doesn’t only completely relax you but it can help with easing pain. Having this treatment regularly can help with your health, for example people that suffer from extremely painful menstrual cycles can really benefit. it helps ease pain and relax you which then provides you with a less intense cycle.
Headaches seem to be one of the most common complaints from people, having reflexology helps to balance and soothe you by concentrating on tighter areas.

If you have any questions regarding Reflexology please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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